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Sammie's Sketch Book!
Favorite Links

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The Long Night

This page (up) is My friend, Nina's. She is a budding writer, and this contains her more interesting Lesbian Erotic Type Stories. If you go there Sign her guestbook and let her know how you got there!

My Elfwood Site

this site has some more of my drawings and things on there. If you stop by be sure to leave me a note letting me know what you think.

Dell's Page

This is my Foo-Foo friend, Dell's homepage. She's a total sweetheart so if I find out you were mean... I'll kick your butt. She's got some poetry and pictures and stuffies. Have fun.

Jess and CJ

This page belongs to two of my friends. They are very sweet and disgustingly cute. They also have two very adorable boys. If you'd like to meet them, please do... but you better be nice. I'll be watching you *evil glare*

Kitten board

This is a page that deals with two charecters from the TV show Buffy: the vampire slayer. (yea yea i know) It's all about Willow and Tara the adorable lil lesbians on there. take a peak...there are a lot of talented writers on there.

This is still under construction...give me a couple days :)